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Audio Transfer Services

Get all of your old favourite albums transferred to digital format today! With digital being the most used format by music makers and lovers all over the world, what better time to transfer all your original albums to your own personal digital library. Keep all of your original records in top shape & avoiding scratching them after playing them over and over again! In digital, your music will always sound the same every time you play it and won’t lose any quality no matter how often it gets played.

We can arrange for all of your files to be labelled and categorised by artist and genre, then transferred to your own personal hard drive or USB. You will then be able to save them to your computer when you get home, add them to your MP3 player (iPod/iPhone) or burn them onto a CD.

Transfer services provided are:

  • Cassette Tape transfer to CD &/or Digital format of your choice.
  • CD transfer to Cassette Tape &/or Digital format of your choice.
  • Vinyl Records 33’s & 45’s transfer to Cassette, CD &/or Digital format of your choice.

If there is anything else you would like to know about our Audio Transfer Services, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your project & needs further.